Wig Cap Wear & Care Instructions

Lit Unicorns' Wig Cap Wear Instructions

  1. Wear cap with label facing out.
  2. If applicable, adjust gripper tightness with Velcro
  3. Adjust cap size by tucking extra cap material under the gripper edge.
  4. Align lace parting area on cap with parting area on the wig.
  5. For newer Wide Lace Silicone Wig Cap Gripper, turn wig cap to align with parting space on the wig. 
  6. For newer Wide Lace Silicone Wig Cap Gripper, insert wig combs into slots in the wig cap on either side, back and front as needed for a secure fit.
Lit Unicorns wig cap wear instructions
Wig cap parting space alignment

Lit Unicorns' Wig Cap Care Instructions

  1. Hand wash with mild detergent.
  2. Hang or lay flat dry.
Lit Unicorns wig cap care instructions